The Chinese Pray Tradition

By | November 3, 2021

The Chinese Pray Tradition
The Chinese pray tradition is prevalent in all aspects of Chinese culture 花烛. It is a way of keeping
good fortune with the blessing of the gods. There are different versions of the Chinese praying
tradition that is practiced by different regions of China. For the sake of understanding the
Chinese tradition, one will need to understand its religious underpinnings.
The Chinese believe that god does not favor one person but rather all people equally. This is
why there is no special temple for the one who worships god and no special gifts or offerings
made to the god. They consider god to be everywhere and they do not differentiate between
Buddhist, Taoist or Christian religion.

Mid-Autumn Festival was originally the time to pray to the goddess of the  moon, for beauty, love and family harmony. | CultureGuru
Because of these principles, there is no specific sect or church for the Chinese people. Instead
they follow any prayer tradition that they find relevant. They believe that god is everywhere and
in every action there is an underlying power of god. This is why following any religion is not
allowed in their country. A person may not chant a Buddhist prayer or follow a Taoist tradition.
Each region of China has their own beliefs about how to worship god. The Chinese believe that
the practice of meditation is the key to reaching god. They believe that god only grants his favors
to those who have followed his path and showed him their sincerity. If you want to pray to god,
you must practice meditation.
They believe that god is love and he does not favor partiality. So no matter which path you follow
in your prayer, you must be sincere and not take sides or be partial. You must not worry about
other people’s impressions of you. They say that if you don’t show gratitude to the god, then you
are like a begging bowl and your prayers will go in vain.

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A major part of the Chinese tradition is that a person must know where he or she is going. They
believe in karma and it is said that if you leave the temple and commit a mistake, it will eventually
affect your next life. They also believe that the practice of meditation is essential because one
learns to control himself or herself. They say that without control one can easily lose everything.
You can see that there is a lot of belief involved with Chinese praying.
They believe in spirits and ghosts. They believe that some people are just alive inside who have
left their earthly shell. This is called the ghost or spirit world. You must learn to respect them and
learn to be friendly to them.
They believe that heaven and earth are unified and they are always the same. They say that you
cannot see the future but you can predict the present. If you do not believe in heaven, then you
are dead. If you believe in hell, then you are living in the middle of a pit. This tradition has been
around for so many years that it’s very hard to find someone who follows it anymore.