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Babysitter Records Baby Chatting With Alexa At Night

The world is constantly evolving, especially in the field of technology. We are surprised daily with the new devices that appear to make our lives easier . Fortunately, these machines have been increasingly useful. Have you ever imagined what hospitals would be like without the equipment to perform such exams with such precision or so that doctors could perform surgeries? What would the world be like without the cell phones we currently have access to? In fact, it’s hard to imagine, as we can do absolutely everything with just a few clicks. One of the great news that emerged recently was, without a shadow of a doubt, Alexa.

It is an electronic device capable of responding to voice commands. With a correct installation at home, we can turn the television set on and off with just our voice, for example. We can also use Alexa to turn lights on and off, remember an event on a certain date, turn on the air conditioning and even control the temperature. Many people are afraid of what robots can do, and rightly so. Some situations call our attention and even cause us some discomfort. Recently, the baby monitor caught a two year old talking to Alexa in the middle of the night. Is this the evolution of our children, who are born knowing?

Baby monitor catches child talking to Alexa at night

It was the middle of the night when the child of just two years old woke up and, out of the blue, started talking to Alexa. What happened was recorded by the baby monitor. In the images we can see the baby sitting on the bed and calling his father through the device, as he apparently was having difficulties to go back to sleep. The recording was released by Aly Femia, from Connecticut, in the United States . In the video, the little boy made it directly to Alexa: “Alexa, I need my daddy”. The confused device then asks back, “What should I add?” The boy’s mother, Aly, starts laughing when she sees her confused son answer Alexa: “Daddy”.

Shortly thereafter, Alexa says the boy’s shopping cart has been updated and says, unable to register the actual order: “I added ‘Daddy’ to the shopping cart. Do you want anything else?”. The baby responds with satisfaction: “Uh, no”.

The video was very successful on TikTok, quickly receiving more than 600 thousand likes and several comments about the cuteness of the little boy. “The little ‘Uh no’ at the end. God bless this beautiful child! I hope that ‘Daddy’ has arrived as soon as possible”, said one netizen. “I just want to see what exactly he added to the shopping cart,” added one more. A third comment concluded: “But the real question is how many stars does ‘Daddy’ on Amazon… And how are the ratings.”

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Energy saving in office building

Energy saving in office building


To enhance the bottom line of your business and to make your office energy efficient, you need to follow some steps, and here are those steps.


Switch off the lights and let the natural light come into your cabin: Traditional bulbs and artificial lights consume a lot of energy digital signage Malaysia. Thus, confine these lights to lighten only the dark areas of your office. And cabins which are within the sun’s reach, let the sunlight comes into the room and switch off the artificial lights. Try and switch off the lights of meeting rooms, conference rooms when they are not in use. This way you can efficiently save a lot on your office utility bills. 

How to Save Electricity in the Office: A Guide for Businesses


Select energy-efficient lights: – If your office area is not within the reach of the sun, then try and opt for lights with low wattage smart digital signage system. Try and replace your traditional lights with CFL and LED. They consume less energy and even last longer and this is their advantageous part. 


Opt for laptops other than PCs:- The reason behind using the laptop is that they guzzle less energy as compared to PC. Thus, keep in mind this factor while selecting equipments for your office space. The size of monitors too depends a lot on electricity. Thus other than graphic designers and animators, opt for buying small screens for other staff in order to cut down our electricity bills. Make smart choices and reduce some on your bill. 


Ask your employees to put their screens on hibernation mode when they are going on lunch or tea breaks. This way your current work on a computer will stay safe and you can be able to start from where you have left the work. Putting computers on hibernation mode will enable us to save electricity.  


Opt for buying energy saving in home devices or appliances: – Yes, these energy-efficient devices will cost you more but they will allow you to save big on your electricity bills. And yes, the price also is not a big deal now as numerous companies are dealing in making these energy-efficient products and thus you will get these products easily in the market at reasonable prices. These days, it has become a standard for everyone to keep these energy-efficient equipments.       

Energy in Buildings – Building Performance NC  


Energy audits are an excellent option: – As an employer, you must perform energy-audits Rev Interactive. These audits will enable you to track your energy consumption. This way you will get to know that whether you need those energy-efficient products to save on your electricity bills or you are using enough energy which is required to carry out your business operations. This is really a nice way to look into the exact consumption of electricity at your workplace. 


Replace papers with-emails: – Try and avoid printing files and opt for sending e-mails. Technology today has offered numerous ways that allow you to store even tons of work in computers and laptops. So, this way you will be able to cut down your expenses of the printer and will able to save a huge amount.  


These are some of the ways you can use to efficiently save energy at the workplace. 

Experience With Oral Ketamine Reduces Suicidal Thoughts

The death is not a subject which people love to talk, especially when the topic is suicide. It is a tragic event and carries with it several debates regarding the person taking their own life.

The suicide affects not only the life of the person who take life, but also of the whole family and friends around you. And what may be surprising is that the cases that are successful are low. It is estimated that there are 25 attempts until the person manages to end his life.

This is a major threat to public health. In recent years, suicide rates have worsened in the US. And tragically, it is a phenomenon that is accelerating even among children.

However, there are reasons to be hopeful. And one of them comes from a very unlikely side. Ketamine, which is an anesthetic discovered in the 1950s, for many may just be a tranquilizer for horses or an illicit party drug. However, this powerful chemical can do much more.


According to a new study, oral doses of ketamine can dramatically decrease the idea of suicide in patients who have chronic suicidal thoughts. That was the latest finding in a series of experiments that forced researchers to re-evaluate the drug.

Ketamine’s reputation has had a reshaping in recent years thanks to these new scientific discoveries about the positive effects it can have on people with mental health problems.

According to several studies, ketamine appears to be able to treat severe depression and other conditions. And while the mechanisms behind these effects are still being studied, the FDA approved a ketamine-based nasal spray for depression in 2019.

The researchers also found that this substance also significantly and quickly decreases suicidal ideation in people who have these thoughts. Something that traditional antidepressants often cannot do, or it takes weeks to take effect.


However, researchers still don’t know much about the effectiveness of ketamine in decreasing suicidal thoughts.

“An oral form of ketamine that can be administered easily and potentially more often. It is an attractive option for the treatment of suicidal ideation. However, few studies have explored the feasibility of low-dose oral ketamine in the treatment of suicide,” wrote researchers from the University of Costa do Sol (USC) in Australia in their study.

To try to fill this knowledge gap, a team led by USC psychiatrist Adem Can conducted a study of 32 adult patients who received mild sub-anesthetic doses of oral ketamine over a six-week period. The dose was given mixed with orange juice and increased throughout the experiment.

All participants had what is known as chronic suicide, which is a level of suicidal thinking that stays in the mind for a period of time. But that doesn’t come with an acute or extreme risk.

“On average, patients experienced a significant reduction in suicidal ideation, from a high level before the trial to below the clinical threshold in the sixth week of the trial. In medicine, this response rate is significant, especially as it has been experienced by patients with chronic suicide, which can be difficult to treat,” said Can.


As much as researchers know that much remains to be learned about the impact ketamine has on suicidal behavior, the findings show important new trends.

“To our knowledge, this study is the first to explore the feasibility, safety and tolerability of oral ketamine in cases of chronic suicide in patients who have had a variety of psychiatric conditions, including mood, anxiety and personality disorders. Overall, oral ketamine led to significant short-term and prolonged improvements in suicidal ideation, affective symptoms, well-being and socio-occupational functioning in this sample of adults with a history of chronic suicide and major depressive disorder,” the authors concluded.